ScottishBitch releases a date for “Recipes For Narcolepsy” 




I probably won’t talk about sports if that means anything to anyone.” Say’s the 22 year old blogger. She’s been around for years, and is known for her vindictiveness as for her immediate challenges towards other bloggers. Dare we call her…. a bitch?

Now the blogger sits on over thousands of followers waiting for her next move.

Podcast. I figured I’d come back, and I’d come back with a podcast. Mainly me rambling- Which I’m sure will be fun. I love listening to myself. I love myself a lot. So, I’m sure it’ll be roaring.

The podcast season titled; Recipes For Narcolepsy has been rumored to include various special guest throughout the season. Most of the podcast has been set to review different comics, series, movies, and geekery. Considering her base fandom was off of Doctor Who, she’ll be staying ‘close to home’ and venturing out into the dark depths they call, the internet. Her partners or ‘minions' (as she called them) have not been announced. And yes, this post has been tagged with the rumored related content! How exciting.

The release date of the show has been set to early November. 

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intheicyairofnight wrote:
"Did this project die...?"

I dunno…. Did it? 

Nah. Actually. I’m glad you asked.

On my personal tumblr people like to know me as an ‘Amy Pond’ figure. Well recently they think I dyed my hair  

Great story behind this one (On the internet as well as real life). 

So….. Tell me why I loose 300 followers in ten days because they think I cut and dyed my hair? I’m thinking, nothing is different on my blog…. Still a bitch…. So? 

Well I get these messages talking shit about how I am ugly and a slag- My favorite was the ton of ‘Butch’ and ‘Gay’ messages I had. I lol’d. It was the same in real life. I had more of a punk style going with this one. Guys were awesome- But some weren’t so awesome. I’m writing it up- I just my new laptop today. It’s actually pretty fucking funny. I make a hot lesbo. 

lucyndareads answered your question: SCOTTISHBITCH: What do men really like?

Please, PLEASE do this. Put it on youtube. You could get so much publicity for this! It’s such a good idea!!!! XD

I’ll get on that youtube account right now. 

I’m really interested in doing the Overly Cool Hipster Girl.  

Infact, I’m buying a Henna Tattoo kit for it. 

SCOTTISHBITCH: What do men really like?  


It’s the title of my summer four week project. It’s going to be fucking fantastic! Twice out of the week I’ll go to the same night club with my mates, change my appearance based on horrible women stereotypes, and see how many more men are interested in me. I’ll have footage and I’m thinking about…